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Carden Entertainment proudly presents to you America's Original 3-Ring Circus! We search over land and sea to bring you the best circus performers in the world today. The circus is a combination of strength & skill, beauty & mystery. With amazing lighting and sound, watch as our human and animal performers* transform you into the magical world of circus. The circus is a fun family adventure that is for everyone.





Your Hostess

Our very own Ringmistress Michelle Audrey! She begins with an atmosphere of pure excitement created by our intelligent lighting! She calls the shots and directs your circus fun as one of the only female Ring Mistresses in the circus world today.


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Magnificent Elephants

Ponderous Pachyderms provide tons and tons of picturesque pyramids with a flair! Magnificent mammals monumental maneuverings in the ring! What’s a circus without elephants? With the most talented herd in the circus world today, you're surely to be entertained and wowed by these graceful wonders.


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Majestic Tigers & Lions
Bruno Blaszak - Rage in the Cage

It’s a matter of opinion whether these exciting felines from the jungle are more wild than their trainer from Poland. You decide, but either way you’ll be amazed. Bruno Blasak is an incomparable tiger trainer. Coming from a family of professional animal trainers, Bruno’s cats are mostly trained in Polish. Affectionate and rewarding you’ll hear Bruno congratulate his feline friends as they execute their leaps, lay downs and rollovers, demonstrating their grandeur right before your eyes.


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The Marinof Duo

Direct from the Bucharest State Circus in Romania the dazzling Marinof Duo thrills and entertains. Without a doubt one of the most sensational circus acts from Europe, you’ll be amazed at their courageous and beautiful feats, high above in the air. Their acrobatic maneuvers, while suspended high above the circus ring, are as graceful as a ballet, yet daring and very dangerous with no net below. No margin for error, as this dynamic couple moves through their signature moves including hanging only by their feet or toes. You’ll be thrilled by this one of a kind aerial act, not to be missed.


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High in the air, bounding with perfect balance and precision timing, these balance specialist from around the world, take the skies with their acrobatics and spiral through space!


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The Mighty Bo

The Star of our Show, the Mighty Bo -- the largest performing elephant on the planet! This majestic pachyderm entertains the audience with his graceful and talented moves. Bo will perform a routine from the more than 60 tricks he has learned. His favorite treat after showing off for his circus fans are red apples and sweet grain.


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Cavorting Clowns

Our ragbag rascal rambunctiously rambling clown comes into the ring to entertain and amuse you. His crazy antics and wacky charm tickles your fancy and win your heart! This dippy diplomat of dynamic delight from Chile brings laughter and joy to audiences.


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The Georgettes Magic Extravaganza

Unmatched in the Circus World today, watch as our lovely beauties entertain you with their dancing, rope work and synchronized routines. Hailing from all over the world, the International Georgettes bring circus dreams to life with their beautiful smiles and remarkable ability, all while dangling from a rope high above you. You’ll delight in the levity the Georgettes bring to your circus experience.


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*Note: Our show is constantly being updated with new acts from around the world. Performers listed above are representative, but subject to change.



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